Our Core Values

A statement about how our team operates individually and collectively

Our core values are the essence of our identity — the principles, beliefs, and our philosophy of values. They describe our approach when we are at our best, our beliefs that center our actions to maximize impact, and our team’s standards for accountability.

Sense of Possibility
We exist to solve complex problems and pursue transformative solutions. We are comfortable with ambiguity on the path to clarity and remain perpetually optimistic. We encourage big ideas.
Focus on Results
We establish a clear vision, priorities, and goals - as these are the best proxy for what is in the best interest of our community. We plan purposefully, invest others in our work, persevere through challenges, and seek to continuously improve. We operate with purpose.
One Team
We recognize that our collective success depends on the success of each individual. We identify and attract exceptional talent that strengthens our ability to excel. We are loyal and demonstrate a genuine care and concern for one another. We embody a caring meritocracy.
We ground our work in disciplined thought by clearly defining outcomes, seeking to understand their underlying causes, and identifying solutions that have the greatest impact. We empower and expect one another to solve problems. We are solutions-oriented.
Broader Good
We recognize and take seriously the connections among all our stakeholders. We value the broader good and seek diverse perspectives. We assume the best in all interactions.