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6 Steps for Your Upcoming Job Search

Overwhelmed by the job search? With a little work and these six tips in mind, you’ll be ready to search for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities!

1. Do your research

Perhaps the most important part of any job search is finding the right employers and roles to apply to. Ask professors, advisors, friends and family for recommendations about their experience at various companies. What aspects of their job do they like most? Are there opportunities for growth and development? These are all important aspects to the career search.

2. Prep your materials

If there is one thing that will remove you from an employer’s consideration, it is a poorly prepared resume, application, or cover letter. Invest the time now to ensure your resume is in good shape. Need a few tips to help with polishing your resume or cover letter? Make an appointment at your campus’ career services office or check out the Ascend Resume Guide and Cover Letter Guide on our website. Time spent on your resume now will save time when working on applications later.

3. Practice makes perfect

While you might think you’re a natural interviewer, even professionals with decades of work experience practice interviewing. Are you familiar with the STAR Method? Do you know how to ask good questions that demonstrate your interest in the position to the employer? If not, think about setting up a few mock interviews with a family member, friend, or career services. Check out the Ascend Interview Guide for tips on how to prepare for both mock and real interviews!

4. Use your network

According to U.S. News & World Report, nearly 70% of jobs are secured through networking! Do you have a family member, friend, or program alum that is working in the field you hope to end up in? Have you asked if their company is hiring soon? You’d be surprised how far just asking for an introduction to a company or professional can go, so don’t be afraid to ask.

5. Apply, apply, apply

According to Indeed, most job seekers apply to at least 23 jobs before they get hired so make sure to cast a wide net and consistently apply for roles. If you are having a hard time finding roles to apply for, try searching multiple places for roles. Some of our favorite Indiana job boards are TechPoint Job Board, Parker Dewey, Charitable Advisors, and of course, the Ascend Network!

6. Take a deep breath

You are right where you need to be. It takes time to secure a new position, so do not compare yourself with other job seekers. Stay focused, keep up the effort, and your persistence will pay off.

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